Flexible solutions tailored to meet your facility’s distinct needs.

Propelled by technical advancements in computing, electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), and multimedia, semiconductors have found uses in various areas of society and are essential to our daily life. These semiconductors are produced in precisely controlled and highly automated clean room factories, in which Murata Machinery USA, Inc.’s material handling systems meet and exceed the industry’s requirements for high cleanliness, robust performance, and high reliability.

Formally established in 1997, our Clean FA Division capitalizes on our many years of experience and know-how in material handling technology to help our customers achieve their continuously changing productivity demands and needs that provide cutting-edge technologies to the market.

As a turnkey systems supplier, Muratec’s Clean FA division designs, engineers, manufactures, installs, commissions, and services our industry-leading products that are in operation in high-volume production labs and R&D development sites all over the world.

In 2009, the clean room storage and transport systems business of Murata Machinery USA, Inc., and the business of Asyst Technologies Japan, were integrated and is now currently all part of Murata Machinery Ltd., of which, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (MMUSA) is wholly owned and operated. Through this assimilation, Muratec takes advantage of the many technical and business merits to accelerate the standardization of design methods, R&D, manufacturing, and support capabilities of both companies to the benefit of our customers.

cleanroom systems murata machinery usa, inc.


Cutting-edge innovations delivering high-efficiency solutions to the modern manufacturer.

cleanroom systems murata machinery usa, inc.


Time-tested technology with on-site service and support teams for operational peace of mind.

cleanroom systems murata machinery usa, inc.


From turnkey machines to automated systems, Muratec solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.


cleanroom systems murata machinery usa, inc.

Control Systems


All of Murata Machinery’s advanced cleanroom AMHS systems can be controlled from an equally advanced, reliable, and feature-rich Material Control System (MCS). Our MCS systems, either MACS or HAS-MCS, provide our users with host-level manufacturing product movement controls, tracking, system monitoring, and reporting capabilities to optimize the flow of material throughout the fabrication.

Designed to semi and industry standards, our MCS works with already-integrated MES systems to seamlessly issue transport commands to AMHS equipment such as our OHS, OHT, AGV, various stockers, and CDRX. As with most of our products, the MCS offers the flexibility to be tailored to meet your facility’s distinct needs.


In today’s highly automated semiconductor manufacturing facilities, we build chips which can be carefully stored, tracked, and handled in the most efficient manner possible.  This is true for test, WIP, reticle/mask, and a variety of other specialty carriers that contain wafers. At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., our automated material handling systems (AMHS) include a suite of storage and buffering systems which act as standalone operators, integrating seamlessly into various automated transport systems.

When it comes to transporting in clean and semi-clean environments, it’s essential to have a transportation system that’s as accurate as it is reliable. The Muratec suite of transportation solutions includes Overhead Hoist Transport, Overhead Shuttle, and Automated Guided Vehicle systems and are tailored to your distinct needs. These transportation systems are backed by decades of automated storage and retrieval systems experience, and designed to ensure peak efficiency and cleanliness, guaranteed.