Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has a long history of revolutionary
manufacturing for process integration.

The story dates back to 1934 when Theodore Wiedemann designed, manufactured and marketed the Wiedematic, the first turret punch press without a center post. Through the years, many innovations to the original turret punch press design have evolved. With Murata’s purchase of the Wiedemann line in 1989, a new era of sheet metal fabrication machines was introduced to the world, including the first electric punch drive, the first automatic turret changing punch press system and pick and place loading / sorting automation.

Today, Murata Machinery USA offers the latest in fabrication processing technology and reliability. Whether it’s our multipurpose series of Motorum turret punch presses, innovative fiber laser or dependable automation, our experience is built into every machine Murata builds on the tradition of innovative design, reliability, and productivity that began with the introduction of the first Wiedemann punch press in 1934.

Formerly Murata Wiedemann, Murata’s Fabrication Business Unit supplies mechanical, servo drive, and plasma hybrid turret punch presses complemented by a full line of stockers, loaders, and sorting equipment.

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From turnkey machines to automated systems, Muratec solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.


22 ton Motorum M2048TE left side of machine



Our Motorum series consists of punch press machines that have been designed to deliver high production speeds with energy efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs.

Armed with a servo-electric punch drive system, learn how the 22-ton Motorum series machines can deliver high-speed, high-precision processing to minimize setup time, improve production, and allow for machine versatility.

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27.5 ton Motorum M2548TS left side of machine



The machines in our 27.5 ton series incorporate the servo-electric punch drive system developed by Murata Machinery in 1994.

This technology allows high production speeds with energy efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs. By integrating bending, forming, tapping, and other post processes, these machines will enable you to maximize productivity, while minimizing setup and programming time.

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33 ton Motorum M3058TG machine only



The Motorum 33-ton machines is the ultimate combination of power, stability and flexibility.

Designed to improve stability at maximum speeds, our 33-ton machines the ultimate solution for those seeking to maximize efficiency and productivity with an innovative solution.

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45 ton Magnum M5000 machine only



Our 50 ton heavy-duty mechanical CNC turret punch presses are designed with the proven precise Wiedemann 114 style tooling, as well as a three-box construction frame.

With a large capacity turret and guaranteed reliability, count on the Magnum series to perform heavyweight punching and forming operations with more precision and rigidity than ever before.

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Increase your profit and productivity with our automated solutions for punch presses and fiber lasers.

With over 60 years of experience in industrial automation, we’ve become an industry leader in developing efficient and user-friendly solutions. Overcome variable production demands and large production runs with our economical and productive systems. From raw material to finished product, our turnkey solutions have the hardware and software needed to effectively run any job.

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LS3015FC DSC3373 machines copy 100



Our fiber lasers are revolutionary, innovative solutions that have been designed for operations that require high-precision cutting.

These machines are equipped with advanced technology to maximize cut, quality, reliability, and productivity. Each of these machines have been engineered to deliver high speeds and high precision at a lower operating costs. Find out how these lasers can optimize cutting conditions in your operation!

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