Murata Machinery is a global leader in automated turning solutions for high and low volume production applications.

Our local team is committed to providing North American manufacturers with the highest quality machines, solutions, service, and support.

Each time an operator touches a part, cost is added to that workpiece. With a Muratec automated turning center, you will cut costs, increase productivity, and, at the end of the day, add more saleable parts for less.

Murata Machinery USA features a diverse lineup of machines to meet your specific production needs: twin spindle, live tool, single spindle, opposed spindle, and specialty turning machines. All of our turning machines are built with the reliability you expect from Muratec, and the quality you deserve.

Our North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC is a state-of-the-art, 140,000-square foot production facility where we provide solutions to support our customer’s varied requirements.  By utilizing the latest in automation technology, Murata Machinery USA can respond to specific customer requirements and provide the most efficient machine systems on the market.

Single Spindle Machines

These machines are efficient and reliable and can increase productivity, while decreasing the overall cost of labor. Muratec single spindle machines are great job shop workhorses.

Twin Spindle Machines

Muratec’s MW machines have become the backbone of automotive parts supplier’s production lines, and can be found in hundreds of job shops across North America.

Twin Opposing Spindle Machines

Often referred to as ‘a job shop in a box,’ the twin opposing spindle turning machines in our MT Series can come equipped with up to 15 cutting tool stations per turret, with varying flexibility per model.

Live Tool Machines

The MD Series machines feature automated CNC turning centers with live-tooling capabilities, including drilling & milling. These machines efficiently meet both low & high-volume production requirements by combining multiple operations into a single machine.

Specialty Machines

The Muratec specialty machines are made up of our MJ and ML series, and are designed to turn longer than usual parts, achieve higher profitability and productivity at lower costs.

Add-on Components

MURATEC provides various peripheral options to suit your production needs and enhancing automation enhancements. We have options for automatic loading and unloading functions.


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Cutting-edge innovations delivering high-efficiency solutions to the modern manufacturer.

machinery murata machinery usa, inc.


Time-tested technology with on-site service and support teams for operational peace of mind.

machinery murata machinery usa, inc.


From turnkey machines to automated systems, Muratec solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.