Reticle Stockers

If you’re seeking high-density storage stockers, look no further than our Reticle stockers. In fact, our CDRX model stocker is a unique reticle storage and protection system. This system combines high-density reticle and masks storage with reticle pod storage into one, world-class solution.

Featuring storage of up to 1,920 reticles, the CDRX is able to minimize crystal and haze growth via an N2/xCDA purge in an ISO CLASS 1 environment. What’s more, with optional interfaces available for Nikon, Canon, MSRP carriers, and particle detection systems, our CDRX is further enables to integrate into AMHS delivery systems within the fab.

Our Clean Room Division is setting the industry standard in automated material handling systems. To learn more about our systems, as well as our reticle stockers, contact us today!

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Reticle Stockers at a Glance

Currently, we offer three reticle stocker systems:

  1. CDRX (High Density) reticle and POD storage systems

  2. POD (RSP/MSRP) storage systems

  3. EUV POD storage systems

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