Motorum M3058TG

When it comes to fabrication technology, who better to trust than the inventors of the electric turret punch press? The M3058TG’s design supports stability at maximum tonnage, and by supporting tapping, forming, marking, deburring, and more, this machine reduces post processes.

The M3058TG is a “green” machine, supporting both the environment and power efficiency by using energy only at the time of punching. With its large turrets, this machine is flexible, allowing for greater on-demand tool availability. With its heavy-duty two-piece frame, the M3058TG also improves accuracy and machine life by isolating the punching head from the carriage.

What’s more, this machine is equipped with our HMI Intelligent Control Interface, a system which enhances machine production time by minimizing operator setup time.

At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., we offer service and support for all machines, as well as automated options to meet your unique needs. To learn more about the M3058TG, contact us today!

  • Product Sheet

The Motorum M3058TG at a Glance

  • Latest Fabrication Technology

Designed with the latest in fabrication technology, the M3058TG is also equipped with intelligent control operations.

  • Greater On-Demand Tool Availability

The M3058TG uses large turrets for greater on-demand tool availability, as well as indexable multi-tools for ultimate flexibility.

  • Integrated Processes

By integrating bending, forming, tapping, and other post processes, this machine enables you to maximize productivity while minimizing setup and programming time.

Punching Capacity
Max. Sheet Thickness
Table Speed

Motorum M3058TG

  • 33.6tons
  • 0.25in
  • 60.0 in x 98.4 in
    1,525 mm x 2,500 mm
  • 114 Style: 63.7 in | 1,620 mm
    Spring Style: 63.0 in | 1,602 mm
  • 4,921.3in/min
  • Standard: 44 Station (4 A/I) (114 Style)
    Optional: 54 Station (2 A/I) (114 Style)
    Standard: 46 Station (4 A/I) (Spring Style)
  • Punching: 0.984 in (25 mm) Pitch, 510 HPM
    Marking: 0.020 in (0.5 mm) Pitch 1,000 HPM
  • 0.004in

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