Murata Machinery has been developing automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) since 1967.

Since then, we have delivered more than 10,000 systems around the world for use in multiple industries. Our AS/RS is an important tool for accurate inventory management, as well as a critical link in your supply chain.

Every AS/RS we provide is custom-designed. Many factors will determine the type of AS/RS to best meet your storage requirements: product/load characteristics (weight, height, hazardous, case/tote or pallet, etc.), cycle time, warehouse space, environmental factors, manufacturing processes, and many others. The engineering team at Murata Machinery USA, Inc. will work with you to analyze your manufacturing processes, current storage methods, and future business goals to design the best solution that meets your unique storage needs.

G2P Tote Picking

All too often, operators find themselves spending more time walking to the location of the product than they do actually picking.

Picking is the activity adding value, and with our G2P (goods-to-person) Tote Picking solution, operators can focus on what really matters: picking. This results in greater productivity for operators, as well as improved value for facilities.

Unit Load AS/RS

At Murata Machinery USA, Inc., we have customized the Unit-Load AS/RS for loads ranging in weight from 500lbs to 4,000 lbs.

Whether clients need the entire load or are simply seeking to pick stored items as needed, this solution has the ability to do it all.

Mini Load AS/RS, 220 lbs

When it comes to handling loads less than 220lbs, you need a smaller, faster solution for the job. This Mini-Load AS/RS can accommodate multiple-handling of up to four units and can provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.

This Mini-Load AS/RS can accommodate multiple-handling of up to four units and can provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.

Mini Load AS/RS, 660 lbs

If the weight of the loads being stored and retrieved are less than 660lbs (300kgs), a faster, smaller version of the unit-load AS/RS can be used.

With this Mini-Load AS/RS, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. delivers a standard machine that was designed to move loads that are larger than totes, but smaller than a full pallet.

High Rise AS/RS, Over 100 ft.

When land is at a premium, or is simply not available, you might find yourself looking up for the answer.

With its ability to go higher, the High-Rise AS/RS is a specially designed high-rise with the ability to go as high as 50m (164ft.)! Automated to meet your unique needs, this machine is proven to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality, and deliver reliability from design to installation and beyond.

High Density-Pin Extractor, 750 lbs

When it comes to high-density storage applications, including document management and parts storage, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has developed the automated storage and retrieval system for the job.

This AS/RS utilizes a pin extractor load handling device capable of handling specially designed bins with a 750lb weight capacity.

RTN-X (Rail-Guided Cart)

Our rail-guided, high-speed sorting vehicle, the RTN-X, is an asset to any complex automated pallet handling system.

This rail-guided cart can transport product between shipping and receiving functions, as well as between manufacturing processes. Perform multiple manufacturing processes simultaneously with the RTN-X rail-guided cart!


Traveling at 21-feet per second, our Uni-SHUTTLE is a high-performance, automated shuttle storage, and retrieval system. This solution is designed to provide best-in-class performance & functionality with a variety of, flexible storage, high-capacity transport, and sorting capabilities.

Special Load AS/RS, Heavy up to 5 tons

When it comes to the handling of special loads, and heavy loads in particular, the Special Load AS/RS can be utilized for both heavy and long goods.

This solution has proven effective in a variety of environments, including metal stamping, sheet metal processing, wood processing, and production sites for completed goods like automotive stamping and printing roll storage facilities.

Interfloor Lifters

Muratec Interfloor Lifters can be integrated into our Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) systems, as well as our OverHead Shuttle (OHS) on multiple floors.

Interfloor Lifter integration allows for seamless transportation of WIP carriers, reducing the need for manual transportations.
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