Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

When it comes to picking operations for multi-item, small lot, and high-frequency delivery models, you need a solution you can count on.

Our picking and sorting systems are designed to be more efficient and systematic to meet today’s customers’ demands. When it comes to the picking and sorting solutions engineered by Murata Machinery USA, Inc., you can count on our equipment to improve logistics with quiet precision. Serving a variety of industries, including transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, discover what Murata Machinery USA, Inc. can do for you.

G2P Case Picking

In most, if not all, picking operations, an operator spends more time moving to the product than actually picking, even though picking is the activity that is adding value.

The G2P Case Picking solution uses automation to bring material to an operator. The time that was previously spent moving or walking can now be focused on picking; this means greater value and increased productivity.

G2P Modified for Totes and Cases

Using an automated storage and retrieval system to deliver goods to a person is a very effective way to increase productivity and reduce overall operating costs.

However, balancing automation costs and productivity should always be taken into consideration. This is where our G2P Modified solution comes in for the picking of totes and cases.

G2P Tote Picking

All too often, operators find themselves spending more time walking to the location of the product than they do actually picking.

Picking is the activity adding value, and with our G2P (goods-to-person) Tote Picking solution, operators can focus on what really matters: picking. This results in greater productivity for operators, as well as improved value for facilities.

Uni-SHUTTLE HP (Shuttle AS/RS)

Traveling at 21-feet per second, our Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a high-performance, automated shuttle storage, and retrieval system. This solution is designed to provide best-in-class capacity and performance through a variety of flexible storage functionality and high-capacity transport and sorting capabilities.