Link Coner

The Link Coner is our fully automated and most popular model of our Process Coner II QPRO EX series. In this model, the spinning frame and automatic winder are directly connected via the tray-to-tray linking system, eliminating special handling for improved yarn quality.

With the Link Coner, the spinning frame is directly linked to the automatic winder. When the bobbins are doffed from the spinning frame, they are placed onto a peg tray and transferred to the winder. This means that the bobbins are supplied to the winding units without any special handling while improving efficiency and productivity.

The Link Coner is also available with several optional add-ons, including the bobbin stripper and spin inspector. To learn more about our QPRO EX Link Coner, contact us today!

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The Link Coner at a Glance

  • Eliminates Handling

The spinning frame and automatic winder are connected via a tray-to-tray linking system, which eliminates additional handling.

  • Increased Efficiency

The Link Coner has two bobbins in reserve per spindle and maximum speeds of up to 2,200 m/min, making it an incredibly efficient machine.

  • High-Quality Yarn

All of the models within our Process Coner II QPRO EX Series are known for delivering high-tech, high-quality yarn at efficient speeds.

  • Equipped with a Visual On-Demand System

This machine is designed with the Visual On-Demand System (VOS) for easy set-up, monitoring and data analysis.

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