The MS100 is a single spindle CNC turning center, delivering revolutionary results to automated line systems. Though this machine can accommodate the largest parts within our MS Series, its compact footprint makes it a great selection for those seeking to save space in production.

Designed with reliability in mind, the MS100 is an optimal solution for high-volume production. This machine is an optimal solution for line planning and is frequently used alongside our twin spindle turning machines, within our MW Series. With the ability to turn parts at high-speeds, as well as an automated gantry loader, the MS100 is an efficient machine that will improve productivity, while reducing the overall cost of labor.

Like all our machines, the MS100 was designed with reliability and automation in mind.

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  • Product Sheet

The MS100 at a Glance

  • Ideal for In-Line Operations

The MS100 is an optimal solution for line planning and can work alongside any of the twin spindle machines from our MW Series.

  • Longer Unattended Operation

In addition to multi-machining, the MS100 can deliver longer unattended operations, reducing the cost of labor.

  • Automation Solutions

Designed with automation in mind, as well as a fully automated gantry, the MS100 can be configured to meet your unique operating needs.

Maximum Turning Diameter
Total Machine Weight
Maximum Chuck Size


  • 13.8in
  • 10STA
  • 8,818.5lb
  • 22 kW/30 min
  • 3,500 RPM
  • 10.0in
  • Φ200mm x 120mm , up to 8.0kg/piece

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