Like all of the machines in our MT Series, the MT20 is ultra-versatile for complex parts and is equipped with a 15 station turret on both sides. With C-axis control on both spindles, this machine offers high-precision synchronization during part transfer, as well as a feed and loader system for unattended operation.

All machines in the MT Series are designed with twin opposing spindles. Because the spindles are opposing rather than parallel, these machines are ultra-versatile and have the ability to create more complex parts. With the combined power of two machines in one, the MT20 allows facilities to achieve flexible, automated operations at a lower cost.

Industries seeking the MT Series include the medical, gun parts, and pump and valve industries, but when it comes to this series of machines, there are few operations that they cannot complete. Additionally, like all Murata machines, the MT20 is designed with reliability and uptime in mind and can be automated to meet your specific turning needs.

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The MT20 at a Glance

  • Designed for Complex Parts 

Opposing spindles present far fewer limitations than parallel spindles and allow the MT20 to be ultra-versatile.

  • Multi-processing

With two 15 stations turrets and the option for live tooling and Y-Axis milling, the MT20 gives manufacturers the ability to perform multiple operations in a single set-up.

  • Designed With Automation in Mind

In addition to being highly reliable, the MT20 has been engineered with automation in mind, allowing it to satisfy any of your unique part or production requirements.

Maximum Turning Diameter
Total Machine Weight
Maximum Chuck Size


  • 10.2in
  • 15 x 2
  • 23,809.9lb
  • 18.5kw/30min
  • 4,200 RPM
  • Up to Φ65mm x 1,150mm
  • 8.0in
  • 3.0kw
  • 3,600rpm
  • Φ170mm x 140mm , up to 5.0kg/piece

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