Product Details

The Area Gantry order fulfillment crane fulfills many functions – buffer storage, sortation, palletizing, and order picking – making it a remarkably versatile and cost-effective solution. Gantry robots also utilize space in a highly efficient manner, freeing additional space in factories for production. Tailored for baked to perishable goods, this crane handles fresh produce, dairy, and bakery items, meeting high throughputs with 100-percent order accuracy.

Gantry automation ensures less spoilage and waste, consistency in product quality, superior hygiene and safety standards, and adaptability to seasonal changes in order volume and demand. It accelerates material movement, shortens lead times, and effectively manages SKU proliferation challenges. This gantry crane is pivotal for streamlining operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow in the food and beverage industry.

Industries: Automotive & Transportation, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Consumer Product Goods

Streamlined Material Flow

Elevates overhead warehouse efficiency, optimizing storage and accelerating material movement for streamlined operations.

Exceptional Cleanliness

Clears the entire floor, ensuring waste visibility and setting new standards for hygienic cleaning ease.

Precision SKU Control

Adapts to diverse layouts and various load sizes and weights, contributing to optimized storage space and timely order fulfillment.