Product Details

Available for machines requiring varied tapped hole sizes on parts, the 4 and 8 Station Tapping Units provide cut threads with machining quality, featuring standard components such as a broken tap sensor, automatic oiler, reverse capability, and collet holders. Integrating tapping within the turret punch machine, this option enhances efficiency and profitability through the elimination of secondary off-line tapping processes.

Versatile Tapping

The 4/8 Station Tapping Unit caters to multiple-sized tapped holes, offering flexibility in thread creation for different parts.

Comprehensive Features

Equipped with a range of standard elements, including a broken tap sensor, automatic oiler, reverse functionality, and collet holders, this unit ensures optimal tapping performance.

Streamlined Operations

Integrating tapping functions directly into the turret punch machine reduces the need for separate offline tapping, improving overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.