Product Details

The Kink Prevention System – Yarn Waste Reducer in textile manufacturing employs sophisticated features to combat challenges associated with kink formation in yarn or thread effectively. Kinks, defined as twisted or tangled sections in the material, can lead to production issues and compromise textile product quality. Yarn waste from broken or imperfect threads, uneven tension, and production line anomalies can complicate manufacturing. The system comprehensively minimizes kinks and reduces yarn waste, ensuring a smoother, higher-quality production process.

Enhanced Stability

The system improves the stability by redesigning the brush shape, effectively preventing kink generation and elevating the overall quality of yarn packages.

Secure Bobbin Holding

Through a secure top bobbin holding mechanism using a brush, the system significantly reduces hard waste during splicing, preventing kinks and enhancing package quality.

Electronic Efficiency

Electronic control secures the top of the bobbin with a brush, ensuring precise control to minimize yarn waste during splicing and prevent unnecessary kink generation when the bobbin-side yarn is sucked into the pipe.