Product Details

A coolant filtration system is an add-on for coolant systems in machining and metalworking applications. Its purpose is to remove contaminants from the coolant fluid, including chips, fines, and suspended particles. Equipped with filters, screens, or centrifuges, the filtration system efficiently captures and separates contaminants, improving tool life, reducing machine downtime, and enhancing overall machining process quality.

Removes Contaminants

Ensuring that the fluid remains clean and free from harmful particles promotes consistent performance, minimizes tool wear, and preserves the quality of machined parts.

Prolongs Tool Life

Reducing the presence of debris and contaminants in the coolant minimizes tool wear and damage, contributing to longer tool life and reduced tool replacement costs.

Enhances Quality

By removing coolant impurities, the filtration system supports a stable and reliable machining process, improving surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and overall part quality.