Product Details

A filtering style chip conveyor is a specialized add-on used in machining processes to remove fine chips or small particles from the coolant. It features an integrated filtration system within the chip conveyor that efficiently separates and captures the fine debris, ensuring cleaner coolant is returned to the machine. This add-on enhances machining efficiency by preventing coolant system clogging, improving coolant quality, and prolonging tool life by minimizing the abrasive effects of the chips.

Fine Chip Removal

Preventing fine chips and small particles in the coolant from accumulating and interfering with the machining process, ensuring uninterrupted machining and minimizing equipment damage.

Maintains Coolant

Ensuring the coolant remains clean and free from contaminants enhances cutting performance and improves quality of machined parts by maintaining consistent coolant conditions.

Extends Tool Life

Reducing the presence of abrasive particles in the coolant significantly minimizes tool wear, leading to longer tool life and reduced replacement costs.