Product Details

A high-pressure coolant system is an add-on for machining operations, specifically in metal-cutting processes. Delivering a pressurized coolant stream dissipates heat, lubricates the cutting zone, and efficiently removes chips and debris, leading to prolonged tool life, enhanced machining performance, and superior surface finish. These versatile systems can be used with water-soluble and oil-based coolant solutions.

Prevents Overheating

Effectively prevents overheating and maintains stable cutting temperatures while also lubricating the cutting zone to reduce friction and minimize tool wear

Efficient Chip Removal

With its high-pressure stream, the coolant system promotes uninterrupted machining, reduces the risk of tool damage, and ensures a consistent, high-quality surface finish.

Coolant Compatibility

Accommodation of both water-soluble and oil-based coolant allows manufacturers to choose the coolant type that best provides optimal performance and efficiency for various materials and machining processes