Product Details

Designed to enhance the efficiency and throughput of the machining process, a Rotary Accumulation Table allows for the simultaneous loading and unloading of workpieces while the CNC turning lathe is in operation. Also known as a “Lazy Susan” or a “Rotary Indexer” it consists of a circular platform that can rotate horizontally, similar to a turntable with various workpiece holding fixtures or clamps around its circumference.

Precise Indexing

The rotary table can be precisely indexed or rotated to bring each workpiece into the proper position for loading or unloading, ensuring efficient and accurate parts placement.

Continuous Operation

Permits the CNC lathe to continue machining without interruption, minimizing idle time and maximizing productivity

Flexible & Adaptable

Enables the operator to access multiple workpieces simultaneously, enhancing flexibility and adaptability in batch production or multitasking machining operations.