Product Details

The MF30510HL is a combination machine based on a turret punch press with fiber laser cutting added. This multitasker handles laser, drilling, forming, tapping, and other sheet metal processing. With a maximum work size of 5’ x 10’ (1219 × 2438 mm), it was developed in response to customer requests for a machine to process larger workpieces.  

The punch press unit has a press capacity of 30 tons. MF30510HL can handle various forming processes such as louvers, and its tapping process is servo-controlled for high-quality machining. Its maximum processing thickness is 6.35 mm, and its maximum loadable workpiece weight is 150 kg. 

The MF30510HL-Spring model configuration enables spring-style turret punch presses that utilize a spring-loaded tool holder, allowing for quick and easy tool changes, minimizing downtime, and enhancing production efficiency.  

Industries: Automotive & Transportation, Aerospace & Government, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial, Semiconductor & Technology, Utilities

Configurations: Wiedemann-114, S-Spring

Max. Sheet Thickness (Mild Steel) 6.35 mm
Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) Without Repositioning 1,525 mm x 3,050 mm
Simultaneous Axis Speed 125 m / min
Hit Rate (1.0 t 25 mm Pitch) 510 hpm
Processing Precision .004”
No. of Turret Stations (Wiedemann Style) 44 (4 A / I) / 54 (2 A / I)
No. of Turret Stations (Spring Style) 46 (4 A / I)
Laser Rated Output 4.0 kW

Press & Cut

Seamlessly integrates turret punch press and fiber laser cutting.

Sheet-Metal Master

Offers versatile multitasking for sheet metal tasks like drilling, forming, and tapping.

Very Accommodating

Accommodates large workpieces up to 5’ x 10’ (1219 × 2438 mm).