Product Details

Boasting the same advanced servo control technology and integrated operator processes as its series counterparts, the FG2512 accentuates the positives of space economy through a compact design. 

Positioned on the punch press’s right side, the raw material, finished product, and skeleton stations coexist harmoniously in a space-efficient configuration. Meanwhile, the left side of the punch press allows for manual load/unload operations. For enhanced system capacity and performance, the system’s capabilities can be effortlessly expanded with a material loading system from the operator’s side. 

Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial

Configurations: 4x8, 4x10, 5x10

Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) 1,250 mm x 2,500 mm
Min. Sheet Size (Y x X) 300 mm x 500 mm
Material Thickness 0.6 mm – 4.5 mm
Max. Stack Weight 2 US Tons
Max. Stack Height (Including Wood Pallet) 260 mm
Part Sorting Yes

Accommodating Arms

The FG2512 showcases adaptable loader arms accommodating diverse sheet and part dimensions.

Dependable Handling

Its flawless automation ensures dependable and consistent parts handling, streamlining the retrieval of finished components.

Fits Your Floorplan

Engineered for spatial efficiency, the FG2512's system layout is ideal for compact floorplans, optimizing available space.