Product Details

Elevated to a tower model, the FG3015T boasts enhanced access to numerous parts, amplified parts storage, and the utilization of multiple skeleton pallets. It substantially improves machine uptime by facilitating continuous material loading and unloading, while its space-efficient design augments floor efficiency. 

The FG3015T further enhances productivity within an impressively compact design by capitalizing on the foundational FG system layout. 


Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial

Configurations: 4x8, 4x10, 5x10

Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) 1,525 mm x 3,050 mm
Min. Sheet Size (Y x X) 300 mm x 500 mm
Material Thickness 0.6 mm – 4.5 mm
Max. Stack Weight 2 US Tons
Max. Stack Height (Including Wood Pallet) 235 mm
# of Shelves in Tower 6 or 8
Installation Height Stocker 6 shelf: 13’ 7” (4,450mm) 8 shelf: 16’ 11” (5,150 mm)
Part Sorting Yes

Seamless Automation

The FG3015T features a fully automated tower and seamless automatic parts handling, further enhancing its capabilities.

Reliably Loads & Sorts

Through integrated operator processes, including sheet loading and parts sorting, it ensures heightened efficiency and reliability.

Suits Your Space

Despite its size, its compact layout suits compact floor plans, offering space-saving benefits while maintaining efficiency and flexibility.