Product Details

The 10-inch single-spindle automated turning center, MD100G, excels in live-tooling capabilities, including milling and drilling, making it suitable for both low- and high-volume production demands. Its integrated 3-axis gantry robot loader enables the automatic loading and unloading of parts, leading to heightened productivity and reduced labor costs in each cycle.  

A single-spindle live tool lathe offers the advantage of performing multiple machining operations, such as turning, milling, and drilling, with live tooling capabilities on a single machine, reducing the need for additional setups and increasing overall productivity and versatility. 

Configurations: (G) Gantry, MC) Live Tool

Maximum Chuck Size 10" / ø 254 mm
Number of Turret Stations 10
Spec. of Axes X-axis 190 mm 20m/mm / Z-axis 16 m/min
Gantry Loader Workpiece Capacity Size / Weight  ø 180 mm × 80 mm / 3.0 kg × 2
Live Tool Drive Motor 4.0 kW (22 N·m/continuous)
Live Tool Maximum Speed 3,000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor / Maximum Speed 22kW/30 min / 3,500 rpm
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-6

Unmatched Flexibility

Multi-operational turning, milling, and drilling capabilities in every turret position, ensuring exceptional productivity and unmatched process flexibility, streamlined operations, and enhanced machining efficiency.

Increased Efficiency

Flexible automation with an integrated 3-Axis gantry robot loader, enabling seamless integration of automated loading and unloading processes for increased overall efficiency and reduced manual labor.

Space Saver

Optimal floorspace utilization design makes it an ideal solution for space-constrained environments without compromising its high-performance capabilities.