Product Details

The MS20 is a cutting-edge single-spindle lathe designed for multitasking precision and tailored for automation. This advanced lathe is equipped with an automated gantry and is configurable with live tool, and Y-axis, offering multitasking capabilities in one machine. Its overhead gantry provides exceptional cutting tools and workpieces transfer, while the Y-axis allows for meticulous up-and-down cutting, enabling controlled multi-axis movements.

With a compact design, this single-spindle optimizes productivity and efficiency by consolidating various machining processes into a single footprint. It accommodates parts up to 50mm in diameter and 90mm in length, making it the ideal choice for automotive and machine shops that demand extreme precision for complex manufacturing.

Configurations: (G) Gantry, (Y) Y-Axis, (MC) Live Tool

Maximum Chuck Size 5" / ø 135 mm
Number of Turret Stations 10
Spec. of Axes X-axis 155 mm 15 m/min / Z-axis 170 mm 15 m/min / Y-axis ±25 mm 12 m/min
Gantry Loader Workpiece Capacity Size / Weight ⌀50 mm x 90 mm / 0.5kg x 2
Live Tool Drive Motor 1.0 kW (2.0 N·m/continuous)
Live Tool Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor / Maximum Speed 3.7 kW/30 min / 8,000 rpm
Spindle Nose Size Flat nose

Works All Shifts

Automation-focused design enables extended unattended operations, reducing labor costs significantly.

Precision Integration

Can seamlessly integrate with twin spindle turning centers from our MW Series, boosting productivity and creating an enhanced working environment.

Improved Efficiency

Live tooling functionality eliminates the need for multiple setups, resulting in improved machining efficiency.