Product Details

Engineered for efficient turning of smaller parts, the compact and energy-saving MW50G achieves faster cycle times. This machine features two horizontal spindles and the option for one or two high-speed gantry loaders.  

Tailored to reduce cycle times, it leverages its high-speed gantry, quick load/unload intervals, and minimized machine idle periods. It also offers a twin gantry configuration (MW50GT). 

Industries: Automotive & Transportation, Machine & Jobs Shops, Aerospace & Government

Configurations: (G) Gantry, (GT) Twin Gantry

Maximum Chuck Size 6" / ø 165 mm
Number of Turret Stations Tool Plate x 2, Width: 270 mm
Specs. of Axes X-axis 200 mm 18 m/min / Z-axis 200 mm 24 m/min
Maximum Spindle Speed 6000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor 7.5 kW/25% × 2
Gantry Loader Workpiece Capacity Size / Weight ⌀50 mm x 50 mm / 0.5kg x 2
Spindle Nose Size Flat nose

Quick Cycles

This machine swiftly turns small 50 mm diameter parts with fast cycle times, benefiting from a high-speed gantry, quick load/unload intervals, and minimized idle time.

Seamless Setups

Featuring a gang-style tooling block, it facilitates quick tool changes and seamless setup adjustments.

Space Saving

Tailored for compact line operation, the MW50G optimizes productivity by conserving space, ensuring an effective balance between performance and footprint.