Product Details

Designed for high-volume production of small to medium-sized parts, the MD180G features a powerful spindle motor and high-speed turret indexing system that allows for rapid and accurate machining of complex parts. Boasting a robust spindle motor and swift turret indexing system ensures both speed and precision in machining intricate components.  

Operating on a Fanuc 18iTB CNC control system offers advanced programming and editing functionalities for seamless turning and milling operations. It features impressive maximum turning dimensions of 7.87 inches (200mm) in diameter and 7.09 inches (180mm) in length. 

Configurations: (G) Gantry, (GL) Larger Gantry

Maximum Chuck Size 10" / ø 254 mm
Number of Turret Stations 10 x 2 
Spec. of Axes X-axis 190 mm 20 m/min / Z-axis 170 mm 16 m/min
Gantry Loader Workpiece Handling Capacity Size / Weight ø 200 mm × 120 mm / 8.0 kg × 2
Live Tool Drive Motor 4 kW (22 N/continuous) x 2
Live Tool Maximum Speed 3,000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor / Maximum Speed 15 kW/30min × 2 / 3,500 rpm
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-6

Advanced Machining

Includes a 12-station turret with live tooling, a high-pressure coolant system, and a chip conveyor for efficient chip removal.

Efficient & Compact

Armed with an integrated 3-axis gantry loader and compact footprint, our MD machines are ideal for lean work systems.

Designed for Safety

Designed with operator safety in mind, featuring a fully enclosed work area and safety interlocks to prevent accidents.