Product Details

The MT25 is a high-quality, multi-function turning center with a 15-station turret on both sides for ultra-versatility. The MT Series was specifically designed to turn complex parts, and with its Y-axis, live tool stations, and an optional third turret, the MT25 goes above and beyond to meet this need.  

When compared to other turning machines, the MT25 is different in that it is designed with opposing spindles. While parallel spindles allow for higher-volume machining, this machine’s opposing spindles enable it to create highly complex parts with greater precision than ever before.  

Maximum Chuck Size 10"
Number of Turret Stations 15 x 2 
Maximum Spindle Speed 3500 rpm 
Spindle Drive Motor 22 kW (Left spindle only) , 15 kW/30 min (Right spindle)
Maximum Bar Size Up to ⌀65 mm x 1300 mm (Left side only ⌀71 mm)
Live Tool Maximum Speed 3000 rpm
Gantry Loader Workpiece Handling Capacity ⌀220 mm x 170 mm, up to 8.0kg/piece
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-6 

Turns Complex Parts

Ultra-versatile with opposing spindles, ideal for complex parts.

Multi-Processing Power

Two 15-station turrets, live tooling, and Y-Axis milling for multi-processing capability.

Reliable Automation

Highly reliable and designed with automation in mind to meet unique part and production requirements.