Product Details

The MT100 is a compact, highly-versatile multitasking lathe designed for precision complex parts machining with its twin opposing spindles and built-in Y-axis for enhanced accuracy. Its unique dual-turret design allows each turret to serve either spindle, resulting in exceptional productivity.  

Custom engineer a turnkey system, choosing from twin gantry and 2/3 turret options with Intelligent Unloader variations. Add automation for handling unloaded parts outside the cutting area, such as a wash station. This all-in-one lathe with a 3-axis gantry high-speed loader is made for multitasking and turning highly complex parts in a single machine.  

Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial, Semiconductor & Technology

Configurations: (G) Gantry, (T2) 2 Turrets, (T3) 3 Turrets, (i) Intelligent Unloader

Maximum Chuck Size 6"
Number of Turret Stations T2: 15 x 2 (Upper and Lower), T3 :15 x 3 (Upper, Lower and Right Each)
Maximum Spindle Speed 5000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor 11 kW/30 min
Maximum Bar Size Up to ⌀51 mm x 620 mm
Live Tool Drive Motor 2.2 kW 
Spindle Nose Size JIS A2-5 

Manages Multiple Tools

Built for multi-processing, with upper and lower turrets, it can manage multiple tools in a single cut. 

One Set-Up, Multiple Ops

Built with 15 tool stations per turret on both sides, allowing manufacturers to perform multiple operations in a single set-up. Optional third turret provides ultimate flexibility.

Enhanced Machining

Its unique upper and lower turrets enable the management of two tools in a single cut, effectively reducing cycle time and enhancing machining efficiency.