Product Details

Engineered for minimal thermal displacement during operation, the MW40G is an optimal solution for precise turning needs. It is enhanced by its energy-saving compact size that efficiently balances capabilities with reduced floor space usage. 

Moreover, this machine offers live tooling and Y-axis milling capabilities, enabling limitless production of intricate small parts. It also offers a twin gantry configuration (MW40GT).  

Maximum Chuck Size 5" / ø 135 mm
Number of Turret Stations 10 x 2 
Spec of Axes X-axis 155 mm 15 m/min / Z-axis 170 mm 15 m/min / Y-axis ±25 mm 12 m/min
Spindle Drive Motor / Maximum Speed 3.7 kW/30 min x2 / 8,000 rpm
Live Tool Drive Motor 1.4 kW (2.8 N/continuous) × 2
Live Tool Maximum Speed 6000 rpm 
Gantry Loader Workpiece Capacity Size / Weight ⌀50 mm x 90 mm / 0.5kg x 2
Spindle Nose Size Flat nose

Small-Parts Precision

This high-precision machine excels in the ultra-precise turning of small parts, showcasing expanded capabilities.

Dual Spindles

Featuring twin spindles, it conducts simultaneous operations from a singular, self-contained unit.

Conserves Space

Tailored for compact line operation, this machine caters to facilities aiming to conserve space while maintaining operational efficiency.