Product Details

Muratec’s TW3 Tower/Interfloor Stocker & Lifter is a highly sophisticated automated storage and retrieval system designed for semiconductor manufacturing environments. Engineered to streamline the movement of sensitive wafers between multiple levels of a clean factory.  Furthermore, the TW3 champions cleanliness improvements, crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, where even minor contamination can have profound consequences. It is a comprehensive and indispensable asset, contributing to production precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Healthcare & Medical

Configurations: 200mm, 300mm

Adaptable Storage

Optimized for wafer carrier storage, compatible with 200mm and 300mm formats, and options for interfloor and RMF installations for space efficiency.

Versatile Handling

Offers flexibility with features, including multiple operator integration, overhead transport, conveyor port systems, and N2/xCDA purge applications for efficient WIP carrier storage and high-speed interfloor transport.

Swift Transport

Interfloor Lifters are seamlessly integrated with the Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) and Overhead Shuttle (OHS) systems across multiple floors, reducing manual transportation needs and enhancing efficiency.