Product Details

Under track buffers (UTB) transport systems are integrated for material storage beneath the tracks. with overhead hoist transport (OHT), utilizing overhead tracks and material control systems (MCS) for carrier transport above workstations.  This configuration achieves zero-footprint storage and transport, freeing up valuable floor space for production equipment. Additionally, this setup enhances cleanliness by reducing obstructions on the cleanroom floor and maintaining stringent contamination control standards. 

OHTs (SRC350X / G3X) integrate with UTBs or STBs, carrying 300mm and 200mm FOUPs (Front Opening Unified Pods), transporting multiple carriers from the manufacturing line to storage and retrieval locations.


Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Healthcare & Medical

Configurations: (STB) Side Track Buffer

Efficient Space Utilization

Optimizes floor space with overhead transport above the production floor, ensuring clean, safe and high-speed material movement.

ISO Certified

Unmatched cleanliness, workflow optimization, and precision assurance with ISO 14644-1 Class 5 certified solutions in semiconductor and precision-driven industries.

Effortless Material Flow

OHTs (SRC350X / G3X) seamlessly integrate with UTBs, efficiently transporting 300mm and 200mm FOUPs between manufacturing lines and storage/retrieval locations.