Product Details

Muratec’s Bare Wafer Stocker is a specialized solution meticulously crafted to store and protect bare wafers within a precisely controlled environment, all while optimizing factory space. Wafers possess a heightened susceptibility to contamination and environmental factors, necessitating their safeguarding within controlled conditions to ensure quality. In semiconductor production, maintaining this quality requires taking samples at each process stage.

Muratec’s Bare Wafer Stocker CDWX system solves that challenge, storing each wafer individually. Engineered by Muratec, the stocker extracts wafers from the FOUP and stores them in dedicated cases (cells). This world-class system optimizes space and delivers high-density storage, reducing storage for each wafer needed to approximately one-third of the FOUP’s size.

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Aerospace & Government, Healthcare & Medical

Configurations: 200mm, 300mm

Robust Storage

The CDWX stocker accommodates over 4000 wafers, ensuring scalable and robust solutions for growing semiconductor production needs.

Clean Cell

Innovative patented technology using the "Wafer-Cell Approach" delivers the cleanest and densest storage, employing a clean, controlled dedicated space

Precise Control

Meticulous inventory tracking and cleanliness improvements ensure a hygienic and controlled manufacturing environment.