Product Details

The SRC350X OHT is a specialized material handling and transport solution for clean factory environments. It utilizes a belt-driven hoisting mechanism to carry FOUPs (Front Opening Unified Pods). It transports them directly from manufacturing equipment to the following processing stations or storage locations within the clean room.  

This system significantly enhances work-in-progress (WIP) product transport efficiency in semiconductor factories, improving cycle time, tool utilization, yield, lot tracking, and inventory control. 

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Healthcare & Medical

Configurations: 300mm

Flexible Load Transfer

Offers both vertical and horizontal load transfer capabilities, enhancing its versatility and efficiency in material transport.

Stocker-Less System

Overhead side buffers along the OHT's route eliminate the need for traditional stockers, leading to substantial lead time reduction and a more streamlined production process.

Improved Efficiency

Optimizes the movement of work-in-progress products throughout semiconductor factories, resulting in enhanced cycle times, increased tool utilization, improved yield, and better tracking and control of inventory.