Product Details

The G3X OHT represents a specialized clean factory material handling and transport solution for semiconductor manufacturing environments. Much like its counterpart, the SR350X, the G3X efficiently delivers and transports various carriers, including 300mm FOUPs, 200mm pods/boxes, and rectangle pods, directly to process tool load ports, stockers, or zero-footprint (OHB) storage areas within a clean room environment.  

This system significantly enhances work-in-progress (WIP) product transport, improving cycle time, tool utilization, yield, lot tracking, and inventory control in semiconductor factories. 

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Healthcare & Medical

Applications: Overhead Transport

Configurations: SR350X

Linear Driven

Employs a linear motor-driven vehicle with magnets along the overhead track, providing precise and efficient movement within a clean room environment.

Clean Induction

Both G series and SRC series OHTs are powered through non-contact and clean induction coupling, ensuring a contamination-free operation.

Optimize WIP

Optimizes the flow of WIP products throughout semiconductor factories, resulting in improved cycle times, increased tool utilization, enhanced yield, and superior tracking and control of lots and inventory.