Product Details

The TS300 buffer equipment is designed to be positioned over the load port of process equipment, whether as an addition to new or existing production lines complying with the E15.1 SEMI Standard. Carriers (FOUP) can be efficiently buffered near process equipment. By incorporating independent transfer units at each process equipment station, the replacement time between FOUP removal post-process and supply for subsequent processes is minimized, enhancing the operational efficiency of short inspection processes. 

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology, Healthcare & Medical

Configurations: 200mm, 300mm

Enhanced Tool Productivity

Collaborates with an OHT AMHS system to reduce waiting times at tool load ports, maximizing tool utilization and overall production efficiency.

Adaptability to Production

Addresses challenges posed by changing production mixes, offering flexibility and reliability over time.

Versatile Mounting Options

Features floor and ceiling mounting choices, enhancing its adaptability and integration within production environments.