Product Details

Ledger A3, a high-density, four-tote carriage automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), offers double conventional systems’ storage/retrieval capacity. With A3-sized (11” x 13.4”) tote carriages moving individually or simultaneously, it efficiently sorts small items at large capacity with precision. Muratec’s North American debut of the Ledger A3 follows successful implementations in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food & beverage sectors.

This industry-first system enables high-speed, simultaneous loading & unloading of four front-hook totes for storing, picking, and sorting small goods. By doubling the capacity compared to conventional AS/RS, the Ledger A3 moves 400 totes per hour, providing storage efficiency that is two times higher than the traditional systems. With Muratec’s rail-guided, bi-directional case sortation loop or “SHUTTLINER,” the Ledger A3 can operate as a highly optimal goods-to-person (G2P) system, enabling minimal material handling and further boosting throughput.

Industries: Healthcare & Medical, Food & Beverage, Consumer Product Goods, Semiconductor & Technology

Applications: Syringes/Pill Bottles, Cosmetics, Confectionery/Candy, Lightweight Goods, Small Parts/Components

Configurations: UX Crane, Uni-Shuttle

Double Capacity

Double the storage/retrieval capacity with twice the loading/unloading capacity (400cs/hr.) of conventional mini-load AS/RS, optimizing space and increasing overall efficiency.

High-Speed Operation

Moving 400 totes per hour, the Ledger A3 ensures swift and simultaneous loading/unloading of four front-hook totes, enhancing productivity in storing, picking, and sorting small goods.

Goods-to-Person Efficiency

Integrated with rail-guided shuttle, sortation conveyance, the Ledger A3 functions as an optimal G2P system that minimizes manual handling, streamlines operations, and boosts throughput.