Product Details

Uni-SHUTTLE is the strategic answer to industry challenges, offering flexible load handling for various sizes and high-capacity transport. Its independent high-speed shuttle operation minimizes transport times, ensuring efficient retrieval of loads in different shapes and sizes. This ASRS promises optimal performance and flexibility for sequential or group retrievals.

The free-rack design efficiently handles diverse load sizes, while the ‘Space Storage’ option reaches unmatched capacity, up to 3,000 cases per hour. The combination of the shuttle and ‘Vertical Conveyor’ allows high-speed retrieval of many goods. The system automatically stores and replenishes various loads to different rack locations, optimizing picking efficiency for fixed-position workers. For enhanced operations, consider integrating the goods-to-person system, creating an ideal picking solution for maximum order fulfillment.

Industries: Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Logistics, Manufacturing & Industrial

Applications: E-commerce Warehousing, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Electronics Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Distribution, Textile and Apparel Warehousing, Medical Equipment Storage, Consumer Goods Distribution, Home Improvement Retail

High-Capacity Storage

Dual vertical lifters provide an effective storage and retrieval capacity of up to 3,000 cases per hour, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Flexible Sortation

Space Storage efficiently handles large load quantities, while the high-speed shuttle operates independently on each level. Multiple Vertical Conveyors conduct group and sequential retrieval simultaneously.

High-Speed Transfers

Shuttle vehicles travels at the high speed of 400 m/min. (1,312 ft./min.). The rear hook transfer equipment handles various load sizes, transfering on average every 3.5 seconds.