Product Details

Designed for peak efficiency and operational streamlining, this rail-guided automated transport vehicle tackles manual handling challenges in both inbound and outbound manufacturing setups. It flawlessly moves pallet or bulk loads between receiving and shipping functions, adeptly navigating small spaces. The rail-guided transport system guarantees precision, eradicating concerns about misalignment or deviations.

Boasting high-speed transportation at up to 250m/min (820 ft./min), it swiftly shuttles products between shipping and receiving functions. Equipped with advanced controls facilitating vehicle-to-vehicle communication, it ensures optimal distances between vehicles, prevents collisions and maximizes sorting capacity. Simultaneous processing is achieved by configuring multiple pick-up and drop-off stations, enabling the execution of various manufacturing processes concurrently.

Industries: Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Logistics, Manufacturing & Industrial, Textiles, Utilities

Automated Transport

High-speed transportation of up to 250m/min. (820 ft./min), moving product between shipping and receiving functions.

Enhanced Communications

Equipped with controls that enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication to maintain optimal distances between vehicles, prevent collisions, and maximize sorting capacity.

Multiple Load Stations

Simultaneous processing by setting up multiple pick-up and drop-off stations to perform various manufacturing processes at once.