Product Details

A durable and compact forklift, this AGV is designed to handle heavier loads in small spaces. Capable of transferring loads of varied sizes with its multiple lift capacity, this counterbalanced powerhouse’s specialty lies in efficient pallet moving and transport on all levels, both to and from production. 

With its compact size, this vehicle perfectly fits small spaces while delivering exceptional performance. It offers an economical alternative to traditional forklifts or pallet jacks, serving as a tugger, automated forklift, and automated side loader, making it a cost-effective choice. 

Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial, Textiles

Applications: ASRS Interface, Back-Side Picking, Block Stacking, Cold Storage, Conveyor Interface, Mobile Rack Transfer, Pallet Mover, Pallet Rack Transfer, Production Pick-Up/Delivery, Trailer Loading/Unloading, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Navigation Contour, Inductive Wire, Inertial, Laser, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Spot, Painted Line, QR code
Material Handling Type Transfer Unit FL, FLS, FLC, SLC, CTM, TUG
Travel Speed (Straight line) >90 m/min
Load Capcity (Max) >1000 kg
Lift Height (M ax) >6 m
Battery Lead-Acid, Li-Fe
Charging Method Various Options, see spec sheet
Temperature -23° C to 40° C

Heavy Load Design

Built to transport palletized loads, bins, and racks, boasting a maximum load capacity of 2200 lbs. (1000 kg) with a lift height of 19 ft (6 m).

Operates in Harsh Environments

Built to operate in cold and harsh environments, ranging from -10º F to 104º F (-23º C to 40º C).

Compact, Space-Saving

Compact, space-saving design takes up less room than standard AGVs