Product Details

A robust and versatile vehicle designed to handle a variety of load-handling tasks, the A8 builds upon the features of our A6 model; the A8 offers the added benefit of heavy counterbalance. It’s ideal for managing heavy or dual loads and excels in cold storage transfers. It provides all types of navigation options, including laser guidance, to support seamless operations along multiple paths. 

Equipped with substantial counterweights, this forklift is built to move heavy loads in diverse applications effortlessly. It’s extensively used in the food processing, beverage, and dairy industries, where reliability and strength are paramount. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to reprogram paths as needed, adapting to different environments, even in extremely high or low temperatures. 

HeavyLift Pro

Counterbalances heavy and dual loads, transferring loads up to 6,600 lbs. of varied sizes with multiple lift capacities up to 34 ft.

Laser Flexibility

Programmable laser guidance option, ensuring flexible, multi-path operations.

Harsh Settings

Operates in harsh or temperature-regulated, environments ranging from -10º F to 104º F (-23º C to 40º C)