Product Details

Tailored for medical and hospital lifting and non-lifting transport tasks, the H1 lift deck AGV excels in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and high-traffic environments. Automating daily cart or tugging transport tasks streamlines operations in healthcare settings, extending operational hours to 24/7 and allowing staff to focus on patient care and other value-added tasks.

Equipped with a ‘smart’ control system and innovative virtual path navigation technology, the H1 AGV is ideal for low-profile applications in multi-channel intralogistics and busy pathways. This specialty AGV is customizable to support various load types, sizes, processes, environments, and facility types, providing flexibility and efficiency tailored to the unique needs of healthcare operations.

Industries: Healthcare & Medical, Semiconductor & Technology

Applications: Cart Transfer, Clean Room Transfer, Production Pick-Up/Delivery

Configurations: (LD) Lift Deck, (RC) Roller Conveyor, (CTM) Custom vehicle w/ custom features

Navigation Contour, Inductive Wire, Inertial, Laser, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Spot, Painted Line, QR code
Material Handling Transfer Unit LD, RC, CTM
Travel Speed (Straight line) >90 m/min
Load Capacity (Max) >800 kg
Lift Stroke (LD Max) >490 mm
Battery Lithium Battery 24V/72Ah
Charging Method Opportunity Charge
Temperature F 0° C to 40° C

Safety Transport

Optimal for cart or tugging transfers, moving loads safely alongside people in heavy traffic pathways.

Class 1 Compliant

Class 1 (0.1 μm) clean factory compliant, transferring products safely and efficiently in clean conditions."

24/7 Operations

Extends 24/7 operational hours, freeing up staff for patient care and other value-added tasks.