Product Details

The Process Coner II Straight Machine revolutionizes yarn processing by seamlessly empowering operators to feed yarn into winding magazine pockets. This innovation optimizes the yarn path, reducing friction and ensuring the production of high-tech yarn with unparalleled quality. Elevate your production efficiency with the Straight Magazine winder, unlocking many benefits for our customers and reducing energy costs.

Achieve improved overall efficiency, streamlining your production processes with precision. The machine also offers operators a remarkable user experience through its 15” touch panel screen, providing intuitive control and enhanced monitoring. Complementing this, our user-friendly Visual On-Demand System (VOSIII) further enhances operational ease, ensuring a seamless and efficient yarn processing experience for our valued customers.

Industries: Textiles, Manufacturing & Industrial


Optimizes yarn paths, minimizing friction for high-tech yarn and significant energy savings.

Friction-Free Excellence

Direct yarn path from bobbin to cone minimizes friction, ensuring the production of superior-quality yarn.

Intuitive Efficiency

Seamless yarn processing with intuitive controls and enhanced monitoring capabilities.