Product Details

The Bobbin Tray winder, a semi-automatic machine from our versatile Process Coner II QPRO EX series, redefines efficiency and versatility for textile yarn manufacturers. Designed with a focus on high efficiency, this winder stands out for its unique ability to work with two types of yarn simultaneously, made possible by an optional double-feeding system. Within the QPRO EX series, the Bobbin Tray winder streamlines operations and ensures superior quality at remarkable speeds. Its dynamic efficiency and advanced capabilities contribute to increased flexibility in handling multiple yarn types, providing textile manufacturers with a powerful solution that combines speed and quality for enhanced production outcomes.

Industries: Textiles, Manufacturing & Industrial

Dual Winding Capability

The Bobbin Tray winder incorporates a double feeding system, allowing operators to simultaneously process two types of yarn.

Enhanced Efficiency

Each winding unit can accommodate two spinning bobbins, achieving speeds of up to 2,200 m/min for outstanding efficiency.

Premium Yarn Quality

Like other Process Coner II QPRO EX models, the Bobbin Tray winder is acclaimed for delivering high-tech, top-quality yarn at efficient speeds.