Product Details

Revolutionizing the textile industry, the Vortex integrates roving and winding into a singular process, automating drafting, twisting, and winding yarn onto bobbins. This innovation significantly boosts productivity, enhances yarn quality, improves energy efficiency, and reduces labor dependency. Powered by Muratec’s pioneering Vortex spinning method, utilizing compressed air, the Vortex spinner produces unique yarn varieties emphasizing sustainability through enhanced energy efficiency and durability. Advantages include reduced hairiness, a clear appearance, resistance to pilling and abrasion, optimal moisture absorption, wash resistance, and stability against deformation. These distinctive features set Vortex yarns apart from those produced by other spinning methods.

The Vortex 870 EX, the world’s fastest spinning machine, operates up to 550m/min, surpassing traditional rapid and efficient production methods. Equipped with critical features, including Muratec’s Spinning Tension Stabilizing (STS) system, single-source functionality, and the Visual On-demand System (VOS), the machine ensures precise control, streamlined operations, and continual optimization. Optional add-ons like splice monitoring and package lifting provide textile manufacturers with a versatile, efficient, and tailored solution, solidifying the Vortex 870 EX as the cornerstone of advanced textile yarn manufacturing.

Material Cotton 100%, Synthetic/cotton, Synthetic 100% (variation based on yarn type)
Yarn Count Ne10~80 (Range may vary based on denier or other properties)
Recommended Fiber Length 38mm (1.5"), 51mm (2")
Sliver Weight 70~35 Grain/yd (5~2.5tex)
Traverse Width 6"
Winding Shape Parallel / 4° 20´ / 5° 57´
Maximum Diameter 300mm

Unrivaled Speed & Range

Achieves unprecedented speeds of 550m/min and supports the widest range of material and yarn counts, ensuring unmatched efficiency in a single machine.

Single-Source Efficiency

Integrates spinning and winding yarn processes from sliver and wound to packages, eliminating the need for separate steps for enhanced efficiency

Versatile Control & Operations

Equipped with the Visual On-demand System (VOS), simplifying setup, offering real-time monitoring and data analysis for versatile control and continual optimization.