Cleanroom Sorting Systems


Bare Wafer Stocker


Muratec’s Bare Wafer Stocker is a precision-engineered solution designed to safeguard bare wafers in a controlled environment while optimizing factory space. Recognizing the susceptibility of wafers to contamination, our CDWX system takes a groundbreaking approach by storing each wafer individually. This world-class system, crafted to perfection, extracts wafers from the FOUP and stores them in dedicated cases, achieving high-density storage and reducing the footprint for each wafer to one-third of the FOUP’s size. This innovative solution enhances quality control in semiconductor production and maximizes space efficiency for a streamlined manufacturing process.

Key Features:

  • The CDWX stocker accommodates over 4000 wafers, ensuring scalable and robust solutions for growing semiconductor production needs.

  • Innovative patented technology using the "Wafer-Cell Approach" delivers the cleanest and densest storage, employing a clean, controlled dedicated space

  • Meticulous inventory tracking and cleanliness improvements ensure a hygienic and controlled manufacturing environment.


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