Cleanroom Storage Systems


Bare Wafer Stocker


Muratec’s Bare Wafer Stocker is a precision-engineered solution designed to safeguard bare wafers in a controlled environment while optimizing factory space. Recognizing the susceptibility of wafers to contamination, our CDWX system takes a groundbreaking approach by storing each wafer individually. This world-class system, crafted to perfection, extracts wafers from the FOUP and stores them in dedicated cases, achieving high-density storage and reducing the footprint for each wafer to one-third of the FOUP’s size. This innovative solution enhances quality control in semiconductor production and maximizes space efficiency for a streamlined manufacturing process.

Key Features:

  • The CDWX stocker accommodates over 4000 wafers, ensuring scalable and robust solutions for growing semiconductor production needs.

  • Innovative patented technology using the "Wafer-Cell Approach" delivers the cleanest and densest storage, employing a clean, controlled dedicated space

  • Meticulous inventory tracking and cleanliness improvements ensure a hygienic and controlled manufacturing environment.


Clean Stocker


Clean stockers are designed for wafer carrier storage, primarily used in 200mm and 300mm fabs, with operator integration, overhead transport, and N2/xCDA purging adaptable features.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for wafer carrier storage in 200mm and 300mm fabs, Muratec's stockers offer adaptable solutions.

  • These stockers have versatile features such as multiple operator integration, overhead transport, conveyor port systems, and N2/xCDA purging.

  • The CDRX Reticle Stocker combines high-density reticle and mask storage with reticle pod storage, up to 1,920 reticles, maintaining ISO CLASS 1 standards via N2/xCDA purging to prevent crystal and haze growth.


Tower/Interfloor Stocker & Lifter


Muratec’s TW3 Tower/Interfloor Stocker & Lifter is a highly sophisticated automated storage and retrieval system designed for semiconductor manufacturing environments. Engineered to streamline the movement of sensitive wafers between multiple levels of a clean factory.  Furthermore, the TW3 champions cleanliness improvements, crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, where even minor contamination can have profound consequences. It is […]

Key Features:

  • Optimized for wafer carrier storage, compatible with 200mm and 300mm formats, and options for interfloor and RMF installations for space efficiency.

  • Offers flexibility with features, including multiple operator integration, overhead transport, conveyor port systems, and N2/xCDA purge applications for efficient WIP carrier storage and high-speed interfloor transport.

  • Interfloor Lifters are seamlessly integrated with the Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) and Overhead Shuttle (OHS) systems across multiple floors, reducing manual transportation needs and enhancing efficiency.


Dual Crane Stocker


Muratec’s Dual Crane Stocker is a cutting-edge solution for cleanroom environments, streamlining the movement of sensitive materials like wafers between different manufacturing facility levels. Extended-height stockers efficiently transport products vertically across production levels, offering a tailored solution for optimizing storage efficiency. Meticulously customized to accommodate load characteristics, throughput, floor space, and environmental considerations, Muratec’s stocker systems ensure precise and efficient storage solutions.

Key Features:

  • Tailored storage solutions crafted to match product attributes, throughput demands, floor space constraints, environmental factors, and manufacturing procedures.

  • Accommodate 200mm and 300mm wafer, reticle pods, and FOSB solutions, supporting various inventory locations, throughput speeds, EUV, and purging options.

  • Extended-height stockers enable efficient vertical product transport between production floors and levels.


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