Cleanroom Transport Systems


Overhead Hoist Transport


The SRC350X OHT is a specialized material handling and transport solution for clean factory environments. It utilizes a belt-driven hoisting mechanism to carry FOUPs (Front Opening Unified Pods). It transports them directly from manufacturing equipment to the following processing stations or storage locations within the clean room.   This system significantly enhances work-in-progress (WIP) product transport […]

Key Features:

  • Offers both vertical and horizontal load transfer capabilities, enhancing its versatility and efficiency in material transport.

  • Overhead side buffers along the OHT's route eliminate the need for traditional stockers, leading to substantial lead time reduction and a more streamlined production process.

  • Optimizes the movement of work-in-progress products throughout semiconductor factories, resulting in enhanced cycle times, increased tool utilization, improved yield, and better tracking and control of inventory.


Overhead Hoist Transport


The G3X OHT represents a specialized clean factory material handling and transport solution for semiconductor manufacturing environments. Much like its counterpart, the SR350X, the G3X efficiently delivers and transports various carriers, including 300mm FOUPs, 200mm pods/boxes, and rectangle pods, directly to process tool load ports, stockers, or zero-footprint (OHB) storage areas within a clean room […]

Key Features:

  • Employs a linear motor-driven vehicle with magnets along the overhead track, providing precise and efficient movement within a clean room environment.

  • Both G series and SRC series OHTs are powered through non-contact and clean induction coupling, ensuring a contamination-free operation.

  • Optimizes the flow of WIP products throughout semiconductor factories, resulting in improved cycle times, increased tool utilization, enhanced yield, and superior tracking and control of lots and inventory.


High Throughput Conveyor

HTC Transport

Designed to integrate into clean environments seamlessly, Muratec’s High Throughput Conveyor (HTC) systems embody precision, adaptability, and advanced control, empowering industries to achieve higher production rates while upholding quality standards. Like high-speed conveyor systems, our HTC solutions redefine efficiency and cleanliness in modern manufacturing, enabling industries to boost production rates while ensuring the highest quality […]

Key Features:

  • HTC systems are designed to provide bridging and queuing solutions for multi-system clean room factory automation to enable precise speed adjustments and real-time monitoring and ensure optimal performance with lower risk of errors.

  • Our cleanroom HTC systems are designed with turntable directional sections, which ensure correct carrier orientation and directional travel.

  • Modular design allows customization and scalability to match evolving production needs.


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