Material Control Systems


Material Automation Control Systems (MACS)


Optimize cleanroom operations with Muratec’s Material Control System (MCS), a central command for AMHS systems. Whether MACS or HAS-MCS, these solutions precisely control material movement, tracking, and monitoring for streamlined fabrication flow. MACS integrates with MES systems, optimizing manufacturing processes, while HAS-MCS provides advanced control for efficient material movement and process management. Choose Muratec’s MCS solutions — MACS or HAS-MCS — for comprehensive control and optimization in fabrication.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with MES systems to issue transport commands to various AMHS equipment, including OHS, OHT, AGV, stockers, and CDRX.

  • Ensures precise control over material movement, tracking, and monitoring, streamlining fabrication flow in cleanroom operations.

  • Customizable to meet facility-specific requirements, offering tailored reporting flexibility for optimal performance.


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