Product Details

Equipped with a servo-electric punch drive system, the M2558TS excels in high-speed production with energy-efficient operations and reduced maintenance costs. This machine empowers maximal productivity while minimizing setup and programming duration by seamlessly integrating bending, forming, tapping, and other post processes.  

The companion Motorum M2558TS-Spring adopts innovative spring-style turret technology, achieving remarkable production speeds while ensuring energy efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs. 

Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial, Semiconductor & Technology, Utilities

Configurations: Wiedemann-114, S-Spring

Punching Capacity 250 kN (25.5 Metric Tons)
Max. Sheet Thickness (Mild Steel) 6.35 mm
Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) Without Repositioning 1,525 mm x 2,500 mm
Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) with 1 Reposition 1,525 mm x 5,000 mm
Simultaneous Axis Speed 125 m / min
No. of Turret Stations (Wiedemann Style) 44 (4 A / I) / 54 (2 A / I)
No. of Turret Stations (Spring Style) 46 (4 A / I)

Boosted RPM

The M2558TS enhances productivity with a boosted auto-index speed of up to 180 RPM.

Quick Punch Rate

It uses a servo-electric punch drive system to achieve a rapid punch rate of up to 400 HPM.

Energy Efficient

Operating with environmental consciousness, the M2558TS utilizes solely energy during punching.