Product Details

The M30510TG emerges as a game-changer in fabrication, introducing novel technology that elevates speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. The machine’s distinctive two-piece design optimizes stability and shock absorption, enabling enhanced performance even at high speeds and maximum tonnage. This structure isolates the press from the table base, improving precision and part quality.  

The companion Motorum M30510TG-Spring incorporates innovative spring-style turret technology, achieving remarkable production speeds while ensuring energy efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. 

Industries: Aerospace & Government, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Medical, Machine & Jobs Shops, Manufacturing & Industrial, Semiconductor & Technology, Utilities

Configurations: Wiedemann-114, S-Spring

Punching Capacity 300 kN (30.6 Metric Tons)
Max. Sheet Thickness (Mild Steel) 6.35 mm
Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) w/o Repositioning 1,525 mm x 3,050 mm
Max. Sheet Size (Y x X) with 1 Reposition 1,250 mm x 6,100 mm
Simultaneous Axis Speed 125 m / min
No. of Turret Stations (Wiedemann Style) 44 (4 A / I) / 54 (2 A / I)
No. of Turret Stations (Spring Style) 46 (4 A / I)

Enhanced Accuracy

The M30510TG achieves unprecedented speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness with enhanced fabrication technology.

High Performer

Designed for optimal stability, the machine maintains accuracy and performance even during high-speed operations.

Stress Reducer

By minimizing stress with a compact press frame and reducing shock, the M30510TG consistently produces high-quality parts.