Like many of Muratec’s longest-serving employees, Brenda Ellington has had the opportunity to learn on the job and fill several different roles over the years.

She’s worked as a textile lab technician, doing machine testing for the Murata Jet Spinner and Roller Jet Spinner, worked in machine development, and now repairs needles for spinning machines. Replacing a needle costs $15, as opposed to replacing an entire needle holder at $106 each, which means she saves textile companies a bundle of money on machine maintenance.

Brenda has been repairing needles for the past 15 years and also assists with paperwork for the divison’s field service technicians.

In all, Brenda has logged 27 years at Muratec.

“I think my generation likes to be rooted,” she said of her long tenure.

In fact, Brenda worked at another textiles company for 20 years before becoming part of Team Muratec.

What drew you to Muratec and what has kept you here? I was a Murata winder operator in a textile company and was impressed with the great performance of the Murata winder machine. I am now doing mechanical repair on different machine parts. Murata has good benefits, and everyone is family. I have had no desire to go anywhere else the company and the people here have taken good care of me.

How has technology and your industry or department evolved during your time at Muratec? I started out as a lab technician on MJS and RJS machine testing. I have gone through lots of machine developing: MVS 850, 851, 810, 861, 870. Now, 27 years later, we have an MVS 870 EX machine; they are much faster and easier to change over.

What has been your work philosophy or motto? Always give it 100%, plus some. Help everyone I can because I may need their help one day.

Share a memorable experience or project that had a lasting impact on you. The project repairs I do, needle replacement for 861 and 870 machines, are very interesting. It keeps me very busy.

What advice would you give someone just starting out at Muratec? Wow! Great company to work for!  Learn as you go. Definitely pay attention to your supervisor. I’ve had a good relationship with mine through the years.