Parts Analyst III Greg Graves is like a walking inventory of Muratec parts.
With 37 years on the job, Greg has found it easy to get those part numbers memorized and enjoys getting those crucial parts to customers to keep their machines running.
“With the newer machines, the customer can just look in the manual,” Greg said. But because of Muratec’s renown reliability and durability, figuring out which part is needed for a 20 to 30-year-old machine can be a challenge.
“I do like mysteries, though,” he said with a smile. “It can be like a puzzle.”
In celebration of Muratec’s 50th anniversary, Greg is being recognized for his long-time service, and sat down for some Q&A recently.

What drew you to Muratec and what has kept you here?
While in school in Philadelphia, Pa., a lot of the people who finished before me started doing contract work for a company called Warner & Swasey Co. in King of Prussia, Pa. When I graduated in July of 1986, I also started work at Warner & Swasey Co. (Muratec later acquired the company). Throughout my years with the company, I was given the opportunity to have many different positions. From engineering to inside sales to instructor to direct outside sales to marketing to supervisor of technical documents to inside customer service. Being able to advance in so many parts of the company has made for a very satisfying career.

How has technology and your industry/department evolved during your time at Muratec?
When I started working with the company, we used large drafting tables and Leroy lettering sets to produce drawings on Mylar paper. After around three years, we got our first CAD stations that were the size of an 8’ x 6’ cubicle.

What has been your work philosophy or motto?
Provide quality customer service by providing customers with the solutions they need, not just what they are asking for.

Share a memorable experience or project at Muratec that had a lasting impact on you.
After almost 38 years with the company, helping customers has always been my passion. From years spent in the engineering department to traveling all over the U.S. and Mexico training customers on how to program and service our equipment, to working with the customers to get them the correct parts needed to keep their equipment running. I cherish the gratitude I receive from both internal and external customers.

What advice would you give someone just starting out at Muratec?
Muratec is a company that allows you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally throughout the company, so take advantage of those opportunities.